New Single - Besoros Tovos!

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Just in Time for Purim, the “GOOD NEWS” is finally here! 

Following the release of his debut single “Bezras Hashem”, Baruch Naftel is now releasing a follow-up single “Besoros Tovos”.  Using lyrics from the Chasam Sofer on Parshas Mishpatim, world renowned composer Elimelech Blumstein composed this track with inspiration from Yochanan Gordon. The lyrics to this track which are from a commentary on this weeks Parsha, are a Tefilla that Hashem should always remove us from harms way, and that we should only hear good news. Especially with the upcoming Yom Tov of Purim, we see the words of this song to be especially true. While it seemed that all hope was lost with Haman’s decree to wipe out the entire Jewish Nation, that sadness was quickly turned into celebration with the news that Esther and Mordechai had succeeded in tearing down the decree and bringing about the end of Haman and his sons. There’s no doubt that this song is sure to have you dancing throughout Purim and the rest of the year. 

Produced By: HillelKAPS Productions (
Composed By: Elimelech Blumstein
Song Concept: Yochanan Gordon
Arranged By: Duvi Moseson
Guitars: Aryeh Kunstler 
Backing Vocals: Hillel Kapnick
Mixed By: Aryeh Kunstler @ Roar Recording (Cedarhurst, NY)
Mastered By: Mike Kalajian @ Rogue Planet Mastering (New Paltz, NY) 

Cover Design: ThinkingKAPS Marketing

Recorded @ 
Uptop Studios (Monsey, NY)- Engineered By Hillel Kapnick 
Roar Recording (Cedarhurst, NY)- Engineered By Aryeh Kunstler

Lyrics: From the חתם סופר עה״ת in פרשת משפטים:

ובכן יעזרני אלקים על דבר כבוד שמו הגדול ויצילני מכל מיני נזיקין מסיקין
ומציקין ומעיקין ונישא כוס הישועות כנבואות הניבאות ולא נראה ברעות ונשמע בשורות טובות נחמות וישועות אמן