Chasoif - The Prayer of the Lights - Baruch Naftel & Hillel Kapnick - Composed By Yoel Judowitz

Chasoif: The Prayer of the Lights

Germany, 1932.

Rachel Posner snaps a photograph of her family’s menorah set up on a windowsill. In the background, directly opposite the menorah, is a building draped with Nazi flags.

The photo is astonishing. The contrast takes your breath away.

But we needed more.

We needed to see what it looked like that night, after it was lit.

We needed to see the power of that light against ultimate darkness.

To hear the music of that faith, We needed to see the power of light against ultimate darkness.

So that we can know, so our children can know,

That no matter the darkness that surrounds us,

No matter the depth of hatred and evil,

We will be light.

We will be love.

We will be life.

We will carry that flame,

Today, tomorrow, and the day after,

Until the entire universe shines with a light that never fades.

A Chanukah of Light and Inspiration to all.

Yoel Judowitz, Hillel Kapnick, Avraham Kohn, Baruch Naftel.

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Produced By: HillelKAPS Productions

Composed By: Yoel Judowitz
Performed By: Hillel Kapnick & Baruch Naftel
Arranged, Mixed, and Mastered @ Uptop Studios (Monsey, NY)

Video Credit: Spielberg Archive